Tucson Go Club - play the game of go / baduk / weiqi / weichi / paduk / igo in Tucson with us

Updated 2019 (January)

What we do

Some people call it baduk, weichi, 圍棋, 围棋, 바둑, paduk, go, weiqi, weji, igo, wé-jí, wàih-kèih, uî-kî, 'encirclement board game,' or 'the surrounding game.' But we all agree it's that fun game with the black and white stones on a board of intersecting lines that you can learn in minutes, and explore for a lifetime.

Where and when we meet and play go / baduk / weiqi

We meet at the "Panera Bread" restaurant-bakery at 6129 E. Broadway in Tucson, AZ, every Sunday evening (except for major holidays.) Meetings "start sometime between 4 and 5 pm" and usually last until 8 pm. Most Sundays the restaurant closes at 8, whereupon the meeting either relocates or ends for the night.

If you want to make absolutely certain that we are indeed meeting, you can email the webmaster or ask questions on the Tucson Go Club Facebook group. At present, though, the club has canceled only one scheduled meeting out of the last fifty-two weeks, so our regularity record is pretty good.

We do not schedule meetings at Panera when Panera is closed for major holidays such as Christmas.

One very old website elsewhere on the web has information about where we used to have meetings several years ago, but that is now incorrect / out of date. We do not have regularly scheduled events at IHOP, Village Inn, or Coffee Etc., and have not used those locations for our meetings since years ago. This information is current as of 14 January 2019.

Does it cost money? Oh, it's free

We don't charge any money. If you want to support our hosts, you can buy food and/or beverages at the restaurant-bakery. You can also tell your friends about us and maybe join the American Go Association (AGA)?

How many people are at a typical meeting? How many people are in this club?

As of 13 January 2019, our last two meetings had six go players and seven go players participating in person from 4pm on. We usually get some different people on different weekends, so you may see a lot of variety. Some of the variety comes from people visiting Tucson, and some variety comes from longer-term members who show up intermittently.

More information about us and about go in Tucson and Arizona

You can email questions to this website.

Please tell us how you found our club!

For more information about playing go in Arizona, see the American Go Association's Arizona local club directory, although we can't update that as easily as this website. We especially recommend the Phoenix metropolitan area's "Arizona Go Club."

Is there a University of Arizona Go/Baduk/Weiqi Club?

You can get to Tucson Go Club meetings from the University of Arizona, with a single bus ride or a straightforward drive along Broadway. The Panera where we meet is on the north side of Broadway, between Kolb and Wilmot, but much closer to Wilmot.

Bus Instructions from University of Arizona

Without needing to transfer, you can ride the Broadway / Number 8 bus directly between the University of Arizona and our meeting place.

On Sundays the last #8 bus from our meeting location is scheduled to depart for the U. of A. at 8pm. The westbound bus stop (to go back to the university) is very close to Panera, by the McDonald's next door. (Last checked 2018 September using bus schedules in effect until 17 Feb. 2019; for updated bus schedules please see the Suntran website for Pima Country public bus system.)

Should I come play if I'm in Pima County or Southern Arizona? What about Sahuarita, Oro Valley, Saddlebrooke, or Marana? What if I live in Nogales or Willcox and I visit Tucson?

Yes, thank you for giving us an excuse to mention that we are near (or in) all of those places. :-)

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